Travel Tips Yerevan

What to See in Armenia

So much to see and so little time! The entire country is studded with places of interest and historical significance. If you want to see everything in detail you could be here for months! However some of the highlights include the following:

Lake Sevan is the largest lake in modern Armenia. The weather is typically cooler in this area so Yerevan locals flock there in summer for relief from the summer heat. It is primarily a holiday destination and a favourite spot for those keen for fishing. However there are also a few places of interest to see close by such as Hayravank, Noraduz and others.

Location: About 45 minutes north of Yerevan by private car

Garni the only standing pagan temple dating back centuries (B.C. construction), rebuilt after an earthquake brought it down in 1679, this is one of the iconic sites of Armenia. Note there is an entrance fee (1200 AMD).

Location: About 30 minutes east of Yerevan by private car

Geghard An amazing two storey monastery carved inside a mountain! Dating back to the 4th century the acoustics inside the mountain church is amazing. There is also a newer built church standing at the entrance.

Location: About 30 minutes east of Yerevan by private car

Dilijan is a small town further north from Sevan. It is a popular holiday destination for locals. It is quite a pleasant and lush region. You can visit nearby attractions including the ancient church of Haghartzin, tucked away in the woods (well worth the effort to get there). Goshavank is another ancient church nearby and Barz Lij is a quiet lake nestled in woods. make sure to have a picnic here! Ijevan is a large city at the furthest point north before crossing the border to Azerbaijan. Its about another 45 minutes drive out from Dilijan.

Location: About 1.5 hours north of Yerevan by private car

Alaverdi is a quaint town situated in a valley along the picturesque Debed Canyon. It is a mining town with refineries close by. Close by you will find many historic sights worth visiting. This includes Akhtala Berd, an ancient castle which also has a church on the grounds. Look out for the mosh (blackberry) bushes around in summer. Haghbat is a monastery where Sayat Nova stayed at. This quiet monastery nestled on top of a hill, has a series of churches next to each other, one with underground storage vessels. There is a secret passage to the village below used by the locals in history in times of war. Sanahin is another monastery complex dating back to the 10th century, home to the Mikoyan brothers who designed the MIG fighter airplanes.

Location: About 2.5 hours north of Yerevan by private car

Oshakan is where the grave of Mesrop Mashtotz resides. A church has been erected on the site in his honour. Make sure you check out the manicured grass Armenian alphabet on the church grounds. A cute village next to Oshakan is Voskevaz. A short drive further will get you to Byurakan, a quaint, relaxing village on top of a hill. Make sure you stop at the .Asdghadidaran. (Observatory) on the way.

Location: About 30 minutes west of Yerevan by private car

Mt Aragats is the highest peak in modern Armenia and it has four peaks. You can drive to the Black Lake situated at a high altitude. Also close by is Amberd, an ancient castle in ruins and an accompanying Church. This region is quite suitable for hiking for those who are keen! Be warned though, you are likely to encounter snow even in summer!

Location: About 1 hour north west of Yerevan by private car

St Echmiadzin is where the head church of Armenia resides.There are often special services held for different events. In close proximity there are also 3 other old Churches some of the oldest in Armenia (including St. Hripsime and St Gayane)

Location: about 45 minutes north west of Yerevan by private car

Khor Virap this is where Christianity all began for Armenia. The monastery is built on the dungeon pit where the St. Grigor the Illumintor was imprisoned for years, leading to Christianity being accepted as the National religion in 301.A.D. It is here where you can take postcard quality photos of the majestic Mt Ararat.

This is a must see destination.

Location: About 1 hour south of Yerevan by private car

Noravank a remarkable two storey structure church/ monastery built in an isolated area, perched high on a hill top and surrounded by majestic mounatins in reddish colour. This “New Monastery” as the literal translation is one you will never forget.

Location: About 2 hours south east of Yerevan by private car

Jermuk is the city where the source of the popular bottled mineral water is found. You can visit the Jermuk mineral water factory, a state of the art bottling plant. Also must see attractions are the local waterfall (where the water hugs the surface of the rock as it descends) and the hot water spring where it is said that the different temperature water will cure different ailments.

Location: About 3 hours south east of Yerevan by private car