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Shopping in Yerevan

shopping yerevan

Tourist Attraction Markets:

These markets are highly recommended as a tourist destination.


Looking for a wide range of original hand crafted souvenirs? Then Vernisage is your place to visit. Although there are many individual souvenir shops along the central streets in Yerevan, the Vernisage market offers a wide variety of souvenirs in one location ranging from jewelry, wood carvings and paintings through to old Soviet era relics, rugs and embroidery. Open on weekends from 10am till approximately 6pm, Vernisage is stretched between Khanjyan and Nalbandyan (from the foot of the metro on Nalbandyan to Khanjyan). A small section of the market remains open during the week.

Pak Shooka

(translated “Closed Market”) has been an institution of Yerevan for decades. Originally a Soviet era food and grocery market, it has recently been renovated as a modern day supermarket from the inside. It is still worth visiting for its amazing entrance door structure – a work of art in its own right.

General Trade Markets:

Need a new pair of shoes, luggage, or some trendy new clothes? These markets are where you are likely to find it. Just take note that for most of the markets in Yerevan you’d be better off to have a compass and map in hand! But its worth the adventure! Take your camera and enjoy it as a sight seeing experience even if you dont have anything to buy (for that purpose Rasia and Ferdos are the most intriguing).

Tip: Must say if you are after shoes – look to find local made shoes – the leather is beautiful, prices are reasonable and you cant beat on quality.

Dalma | This modern shopping centre is on par with any western mall. What ever you are looking for, from shoes to new suitcase, you should be able to find it here. Positioned on Tsitzernakaberd Hwy, its just outside the Yerevan city circle.

Petak | is an indoor market on two levels with stalls selling fashion, footwear, house ware and food items. Petak is behind Sourmaloo (a wholesale market off Arshakoonyats St.).

Ferdos | is a small, winding, overcrowded-rabbit-warren like market. But don’t get put off by any of this, in fact all these features adds to the character of this popular market. If you find a bargain don’t think twice and get it as you might not be able to find you way back to the same stall again! There are lots of stalls selling fashion, footwear and house ware items. Enjoy this charming market typical of what you would find in the middle east! Ferdos is located on Tigran Mets between the Hrabarak and Khanjyan. It has a small entrance off the street, so make sure to ask so you don’t walk past it!

Hrazdan | This market is situated right next to the Hrazdan Stadium. It is an indoor complex of stalls. One of the more expensive markets in town but has a large and interesting range of fashion and footwear.

Tashir | is a more modern shopping complex in Yerevan. Bearing the legacy name of  ‘Goom’ from the Soviet days, it has several levels of stores you would expect to find in any shopping mall including a supermarket on the ground floor, eating areas, exclusive boutiques, fashion and footwear, stationary stores, jewellery stores etc. Tashir is situated further down from Rasia on Tigran Mets.

Voski Shooka | means Gold market. This is where you can have any gold jewelry made to order or buy a ready made item. It is located on Khorenatsi St (previously Marx St) closer to Khanjyan St.

When it comes to shopping Yerevan has a lot offer. 🙂