Travel Tips Yerevan

Four Season Weather in Armenia

Four Season weather

One thing you would definitely like about Armenia is the four season weather. Heat, cold, rain, snow…  Another thing that you might find surprising, is that Armenians don’t like to talk about the weather much ūüôā 

Armenia’s different varieties of climates depend on the absolute height of the land. However, the winter and summer are more severe and the spring and autumn are much milder and shorter. Typical Yerevan temperature in winter (Dec-Feb) reaches around minus 20 degrees C and the summer (Jun-Aug) temperature averages around the mid to high 30 degrees C dry heat. Other regions can vary across the year.

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Best time to visit

Plan to visit Armenia? The best time to travel to this country would be the beginning and ending months of summer. This is is the time when the heat is comparatively less. You would feel comfortable and idle for walking around the city. Rains are also unlikely this time of the year, so no need to carry an umbrella. You will also enjoy the picturesque autumn colors and delicious fruit and vegetable. 

If you are a “winter” person, then Armenia is a great place to spend winter holidays with the whole family or friends. There are many ski resorts in Armenia. They offer comfortable conditions as foreign analogs in terms of equipment and quality of service. That is why the number of tourists who prefer winter tours in Armenia annually increases.

So, you just need to choose the best season for you and have fun in the country of four season weather and tons of fun. Welcome to Armenia!

Travel Tips Yerevan

Getting Around within Yerevan

Marshrootka |¬†Most of Yerevan¬†gets around on Marshrootkas and its great to experience this as a tourist. For 100AMD a ride (paid to the driver when disembarking) regardless of how far you go, it is the most efficient way to get around town (and even out of town but for a higher cost). The minibuses display a number on them, signifying the specific travel route they follow. To get off at a stop call out ‘kangar’ meaning station/ stop when you get close to your destination. For route information please ask our friendly reception staff.

Taxi | Typically costing 100AMD per km it is a fast way of getting around town. Note that hailing a cab on the street can cost more than ordering a taxi by phone. When hailing a cab in the street always negotiate the rate based on the destination before getting in the cab. By law, all taxis should display clearly what company they belong in and have a meter to calculate the fare. You can also hire a taxi for out of town destinations at agreed rates.

Metro | There is a short metro track which extends from the 3rd district up to Barekamootiun. Dating back to the Soviet era, this mode of transport is also an experience complete with crystal chandeliers and marble floors in the some of the stations. Tickets are purchased as you enter the metro station at 50AMD.

Travel Tips Yerevan

Museums and Galleries in Yerevan

Matenadaran | is the museum housing sample manuscripts and early translations, dedicated to Mesrop Mashtots who created the Armenian alphabet in 405 A.D. Some interesting facts to note is that the Armenian alphabet:

  • initially had 36 letters (2 more letters were added much later to make the alphabet one of the most complete in the world),
  • was created as a prayer with each of the letters starting a word in the prayer (apart from the letter “r” where the word ended in it)

The museum is situated at the end of the main artery Mashtots Ave (also known as Prospect Ave during the soviet era). There is a giant statue of Mesrop Mashtots in the front of the building.

Operates Tue – Sat 10:00am till 4:00pm

National Art Gallery | is the main gallery and displays a large variety of International and local artwork within its seven floors. It is located right on Republic Square, close to the fountains.

Operates Tue – Sun 11:00am till 5:30pm

Martiros Saryan Museum | is only 2 minutes walk away from Envoy Hostel on the corner of Saryan and Tumanyan streets. Saryan is a popular 20th century artist with his colourful paintings, some with an oriental influence but mostly Armenian landscape themes.

Operates Fri РTue 10:30am till 4:30pm

Click here for the website.

Parajanov Museum |¬†houses a great collection of Sergei Paradjanov’s work of arts. The artist is famous for his quirky and eccentric¬†artwork as¬†well as¬†his infamous cinematography for instance “The Colour of Pomegranates” is one of his creations.

15/16 Dzoragyugh Poghots, Yerevan

The museum is open 7 days 10:30am till 5:00pm

For more info check their website.

Cafesjian Centre for Arts | is one of the newest additions to Yerevan, is a superb collection of contemporary art. Situated at the top of the Cascade steps, its worth going there even if it is just to see the outdoor artwork on the steps and admire the view of Yerevan from the top of the steps.

The centre also presents special exhibitions and frequently has events such as concerts. For up to date information on events check their website.

Operates Tue – Thur: 10:00am – 5:00pm | Fri – Sun: 10:00am – 8:00pm

Travel Tips Yerevan

Main Sights in Yerevan

So much to see and do in Yerevan! But as far as major sights go these are the ones you cant miss out on:

Republic Square |¬†is the main square in Yerevan and is by far the grandest. It is surrounded by majestic buildings that light up at night to an even grander view. You will find the Marriott Hotel, Main Post Office, the History Museum and governmental buildings around the square. The History Museum faces a group of fountains that operate throughout the warmer seasons as the water ‘dances’ to music and light providing entertainment for all. In the centre of the square is a round-about that has been constructed in 2003/ 2004 and it displays a ‘rug’ using¬†all the different types of rocks known to be found in Armenia. Further across where a giant advertisement screen stands is the ex-location of the statue of Lenin once overlooking the square in Soviet times.

Genocide Memorial |¬†in Tsitsernakaberd (close to the Hrazdan Stadium) in Yerevan holds the eternal flame in memory of the 1.5 million who were victims of the Genocide in 1915 by the Ottoman Turks. This memorial site is visited by Armenians every year on the 24th April, where the masses pay their respect and lay flowers around the flame. Indeed a somber occasion that shouldn’t be missed if in Armenia at that date. There is also a dedicated museum close by.

Opera House | occupying an entire block off Mashtots and between Tumanyan, Teryan and Sayat Nova streets, it is not only the centre for most cultural events but also a popular hang out due to the numerous cafés surrounding the building. While in Yerevan a cultural event is indeed an experience that should not be missed. Enjoy an opera (e.g. Anush or Guyaneh are well known operas) or a folk dance recital where maximum ticket prices are typically 3000 AMD for the best seats in town. Or if in town in summer, stroll up in the evening and you are likely to catch a free open air cultural show. And if none of this is your cup of tea then why not settle for a pomegranate tea or an Armenian soorj (coffee) at one of the cafes instead, and soak up the atmosphere.

Cascade |¬†is a project started in the Soviet era, and only finished around 2004 thanks to the assistance and support of the Cafesjian Foundation. It boasts a series of steps to the top of the hill known as the ‘Monument’. At the top of the steps a modern art museum known as the Cafesjian Centre for Arts. Scattered around the Cascade, you will also notice many other artworks as you climb to the top including a giant cat at the foot of the stairs (where there is an entrance to the escalator nearby). There are cubic people statues at the first level exit and playful rabbits at a further level up. In summer the stairs are even more impressive with flower beds in full bloom surrounding the entire climb. Also a nice experience is to go close to the fountain area and sit at the base of the stairs and simply enjoy the sound of the water gushing down.

In the warmer seasons you will also find regular open air entertainment provided by the Cafesjian Foundation enjoyed by the public.

Mother Armenia¬†& Victory Park | are up on the hill and outside of the main Yerevan “kendron” (central) area. Victory park, once a Soviet era park housing war memorabilia is now an amusement park/ entertainment venue. The Mother Armenia statue stands on a war museum.

Surp Grigor Lusavorich Cathedral |¬†is the newest built cathedral in Yerevan. It was built to mark the 1700 anniversary of the acceptance of Christianity as Armenia’s national religion in 301 A.D. The enormous cathedral is quite impressive as you will note that there are no internal support columns. It is situated on Tigran Mets Street (close to Khanjian St.).