Travel Tips Yerevan

Getting Around within Yerevan

Marshrootka | Most of Yerevan gets around on Marshrootkas and its great to experience this as a tourist. For 100AMD a ride (paid to the driver when disembarking) regardless of how far you go, it is the most efficient way to get around town (and even out of town but for a higher cost). The minibuses display a number on them, signifying the specific travel route they follow. To get off at a stop call out ‘kangar’ meaning station/ stop when you get close to your destination. For route information please ask our friendly reception staff.

Taxi | Typically costing 100AMD per km it is a fast way of getting around town. Note that hailing a cab on the street can cost more than ordering a taxi by phone. When hailing a cab in the street always negotiate the rate based on the destination before getting in the cab. By law, all taxis should display clearly what company they belong in and have a meter to calculate the fare. You can also hire a taxi for out of town destinations at agreed rates.

Metro | There is a short metro track which extends from the 3rd district up to Barekamootiun. Dating back to the Soviet era, this mode of transport is also an experience complete with crystal chandeliers and marble floors in the some of the stations. Tickets are purchased as you enter the metro station at 50AMD.