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Four Season Weather in Armenia

Four Season weather

One thing you would definitely like about Armenia is the four season weather. Heat, cold, rain, snow…  Another thing that you might find surprising, is that Armenians don’t like to talk about the weather much 🙂 

Armenia’s different varieties of climates depend on the absolute height of the land. However, the winter and summer are more severe and the spring and autumn are much milder and shorter. Typical Yerevan temperature in winter (Dec-Feb) reaches around minus 20 degrees C and the summer (Jun-Aug) temperature averages around the mid to high 30 degrees C dry heat. Other regions can vary across the year.

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Best time to visit

Plan to visit Armenia? The best time to travel to this country would be the beginning and ending months of summer. This is is the time when the heat is comparatively less. You would feel comfortable and idle for walking around the city. Rains are also unlikely this time of the year, so no need to carry an umbrella. You will also enjoy the picturesque autumn colors and delicious fruit and vegetable. 

If you are a “winter” person, then Armenia is a great place to spend winter holidays with the whole family or friends. There are many ski resorts in Armenia. They offer comfortable conditions as foreign analogs in terms of equipment and quality of service. That is why the number of tourists who prefer winter tours in Armenia annually increases.

So, you just need to choose the best season for you and have fun in the country of four season weather and tons of fun. Welcome to Armenia!