Travel Tips Tbilisi

Where to Shop in Tbilisi

Depending what you are looking for, whether its a unique souvenier or a new pair of shoes to replace the ones worn out by excessive travel 😉 there are many options of where to shop. Here’s just a handful to get you started:

Dry Bridge Market | Whether you are buying something or not, this place is a must to visit. Its mainly a second hand market stretched across the “Dry Bridge” its just as much a tourist attraction. You can find unique treasures here from bygone days.


Note the market is held on Saturdays and Sundays typically between 8am-2pm.

Rustaveli Street Souvenirs | This is more an informal collection of souvenir ‘stalls’ which line the Rustaveli Street. You can pick up a hand crafted felt hat right through to Georgian flags and key chains.

For more souvenir shops you can also check out the Old Town area (where Envoy is located) as its dotted with several shops. As well as the markets in Mtskheta if you are heading out for a day trip offer a wide range of handicrafts.


Shopping Malls | So you need a new pair of shoes or a new back pack? Head down to one of the a couple of European Style Shopping Malls around Tbilisi. These include Galleria (in walking distance to envoy), Qarvasla, Tbilisi Mall and the East Point shopping centre – a little far but houses quite a few clothing stores.