Travel Tips Tbilisi

Where to Go Within the Region

Reaching Georgia, you’d want to make the most of your time in the region. With short travel distances you can discover new cultures, languages and food!


This ancient land, although geographically small on modern day maps, is a host to a nation with a colourful past with a depth of history dating back to biblical times. Just some highlights to consider include:

  • Yerevan: A metropolitan capital city, known as one of the 5 oldest capital cities in the world
  • A perfect view of the bibilical Mount Ararat (where Noah’s Arc landed) from every corner of Yerevan
  • Khor Virap the location entwined with the history of Christianity entering Armenia as a national religion in 301 AD at the foothills of Mt Ararat
  • Delicious BBQ meat’ Khorovatz alongside many other national dishes including Dolma (stuffed vine leaves) and Khash
  • Exquisite seasonal fruits! Armenia is famous for its pomegranates, apricots and berries.
  • Armenian Brandy and wide selection of fruit wines unique to Armenia (including peach or pomegranate wines!)
  • Dilijan the ‘mini Switzerland’ of Armenia with lush green forests and wooden laced houses
  • UNESCO listed Haghbat and Sanahin monasteries as well as many other churches perched in stunning locations (such as Noravank, Geghard or Tatev)
  • The serene Sevan lake and surrounds
  • The Head Church ” St Ejmiatzin
  • The ancient Garni temple

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