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Main Sights- Tbilisi and its beauties to discover

main sights tbilisi

Tbilisi has been a cultural hub for artists, poets and authors for a period of history, shaping what it is today.  A melting pot of cultures and religions. In the Old Town area you will discover in minutes distance from each other Christian Orthodox churches (Georgian as well as Armenian),  a Synagogue, Mosque and even a Zoroastrian temple. You can easily stroll through the romantic cobble stoned streets and let the city reveal itself to you! However to help you discover some of the must see places, here’s our recommendations:

Sulphur Baths

Still operating today, the sulphur baths in the Old town area are not only refreshing for a dip (in the hot mineral waters) but also great for the photography enthusiast as these domed shaped structures are quite photogenic!

Narikala Fortress

Only a 5 minute stroll up from Envoy Hostel, this commanding 4th century Fortress overlooks the city, offering incredible views.  The Persian name Nari-Kala means “inaccessible fortress”. Make sure you take your camera for postcard worthy photos!

Sioni Cathedral

Named after Mt Zion in Jerusalem dates back to the 7th century. It is considered one of the most sacred places in Georgia and houses the holy cross of St Nino (the young woman who converted Georgia to Christianity in the early 4th century.)

Metekhi Church

Dating back to the 13th century, it is perched over the Mtkvari River and displays an impressive equestrian statue of the city’s royal founder. The church has been destroyed many times by the enemy. During the Tsarist regime there was a prison there and in Soviet times Metekhi was used as a theatre. In was only in the late 1980s that the church was reconstructed again.

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