Travel Tips Phnom Penh

Where to Shop in Phnom Penh

Shopping in Phnom Penh is an experience in itself. We have just selected a few popular options that we recommend listed by categories below.


Russian Markets | From a tourist point of view, this is the markets to go to. You will find a wide range of wares (homeware, clothing, stationary etc) including souvenirs, paintings and local crafts through to herbs, spices and dried fruits. You are bound to find a treasure to take home. From outside (pictured below) it does not look too inviting. Just pop in from one of its many entrances and watch the time fly as you walk through its labrinth of aisles lined with stalls (pictured further below).


The Russian market is about a 15-20 minutes walk from Envoy, or travel by tuk tuk to save your energy for the shopping. 🙂


Night Markets |  Range of goods for sale here are similar to the Russian markets, however this market is recommended more for its atmosphere and experience. You are likely to find live entertainment and many locals enjoying a family meal. This is the place to soak up the sights, sounds and aromas (of the many food stalls).

The market is located at the northern point of the Riverside walk. Note it is only open Fri- Sun from 5- 11pm.


Boutique Shops

There is no shortage of individual shops selling everything from clothing through to local handicrafts. We have listed a few that operate on a humanitarian aid and mission foundation – so your dollar spent, helps improve the lives of many in need.

Daughters of Cambodia | All handicrafts are prepared by victims of trafficking in Cambodia who are helped by the Daughters organisation to train and minister on to their needs. This is indeed a worthy cause but also you can pick up many handmade items crafted with love to take home as gifts and souvenirs.


For more information on store locations (including their cafe and other businesses please visit their website.

Friends | Helping children in vulnerable situations, Friends is another worthy organisation to support. They teach parents of the children skills and trades to prepare very creative and affordable goods including jewelry made of cutlery, notebooks and stationary made of rubber tyres or food wrappers. You will love what they come up with and you are sure to find a unique souvenir here!

Note they have a few shops including a stall in the Russian Markets (#434). To find out more about what they do and store locations please check out their website.

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are pretty much the same every where around the world – so they are not listed here as a tourist attraction but as a necessity in case while travelling you need to replace your shoes or buy another bag to fit all your souvenirs in!

Sorya | Opened in 2003, it offers several floors full of shops. It is located close to the Central Market.

Aeon Mall | Established in 2014 this is a European standard Mall run with Japanese efficiency (they funded it!). It has a large collection of shops including department store and large supermarket.