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What to See in Cambodia

Cambodia is known as the ‘Kingdom of Wonders’ for a reason. There is so much natural beauty and fascinating culture to keep you here for weeks. However here is our pick of the must see places:

Angkor Wat | A visit to Cambodia commands a visit to the ancient and UNESCO listed Angkor Wat. Serving as the centre of the Khmer Kingdom for several centuries, Angkor represents the hub of Khmer culture. This is a must see and must photograph sight. Even a novice will walk away with stunning photographs as the beauty of the architecture and stone carvings do all the work for you! Allow a few days here and naturally stay in Siem Reap.

Floating Villages | There are several floating villages in Cambodia (like Koh Trong, Me Chrey, Chong Kos to name a few). A boat trip to one of the villages will provide a fascinating glimpse of a different lifestyle to these ‘Venice’ style townships.



Kampot |  Home of the pepper fields. this charming riverside town has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. The pepper fields around this region provides a lush green back drop with photogenic landscapes.


Battambang | With its distinct French colonial influence is a quaint City worth visiting. The temples here survived the Khmer Rouge period and are in original condition. Sihanoukville & Kep | Seaside destinations popular with locals and tourists alike. Sihanoukville is quite a bustling city compared to the laid back Kep. However both provide ideal relaxation with golden sandy beaches. Its the perfect place to take a break from holidaying and unwind 😉 Oh and did we mention Kep is well known for its seafood and crab in particular! What more can one need 😉