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Popcorn mood

Travelling through Phnom Penh it can be hot outside or pouring in rainy season, but one thing is for sure we are ‘popping’ with enthusiasm at Envoy Hostel thanks to our new popcorn machine!
Now you can enjoy a healthy snack of popcorn while you kick back and relax in our air conditioned hostel.

Popcorn fact

Random Fact #73: Did you know that it is high in Serotonin (a relaxing mood booster)!? Its high in fibre and low GI, a great source of iron, potassium, vitamin B & E… making it the ultimate healthy snack! Not only that, its also high in polyphenols which contain antioxidants, keeping you healthier, longer – so you can travel for much longer 😉
So why not ‘pop’ the question to our reception and treat yourself to this delicious snack today 🙂

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