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Love Travel Envoy Club Tshirt
We love travel! It is what drives us at envoy! If we are not working, we’d rather be travelling. In fact being passionate about travel is what gives envoy hostel it’s special vibe! It gives us a deeper understanding and connection with our guests. It is the basis for all our services and offerings. From the design of the beds to the itinerary and experiences offered during our tours. Everything we do is designed such that we ourselves would like to have experienced if we were on the go!
However the best thing about our work is that we are always surrounded by like minded travellers who also love travel. This in turn drives us to be in tune with our guests. Every idea, suggestion made, we take note. We always look for ways to improve what we offer. To make our place a home away from home for our many guests who visit us.
Some of our guests who stayed at one of our hostels, ended up going to the second and even the third envoy hostel. This made us stop and think. We felt humbled by the loyalty and love shown by these guests who in different corners of the world have chosen to stay with us.

Envoy Club Shirts

To share and celebrate this love of travel and to thank the loyalty of our guests, we designed limited edition Travel T-shirts. A design you are bound to love in a heartbeat! To receive one of these shirts you need to be an ‘Envoy Club’ guest. One of the select few who has stayed at all 3 of our hostels (Yerevan’ Armenia | Tbilisi’ Georgia | Phnom Penh’ Cambodia). Already a few of our guests have been rewarded with this unique souvenir. Hope you will be next 🙂
And if you are planning your next trip to one of our regions, let us know if you have any travel questions! Whether its about sights, tours, events or accommodation in the regions, let the Envoy crew help you discover our corners of the world. We’re here to help!
Happy travels everyone!