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Georgian Food Party

Georgian Food

Food is to be celebrated and if you taste Georgian food you would understand why! You would plan a return trip just because you will miss the food (and wine 😉 )! The Georgian food range has unique dishes including the Khinkali, khachapuri, ojakhuri and many more. Let’s face it, tasting local food is one of the highlights of travel. Pronouncing the dishes is another story altogether as some of the local dishes can be somewhat of a tongue twister! However a glass of wine will make that easier too!

To help our guests ‘take home’ a bit of the local taste with them, our super talented Beqa led a ‘Chvishtari Masterclass’. A delicious traditional corn bread flavoured with grated cheese is a staple food in the Georgian kitchen. Accompanied by a bottle of local Saperavi red wine and you have a cause for a celebration. And why not? Shouldn’t every day be celebrated?

Chvishtari is a simple dish however a fair bit of preparation is required. Following the instructions of our master chef’ Beqa, the cheese was grated, the dough was prepared and the Chvishtari was lovingly formed. After teaching our guests the basics, seems like the artistic talents started to overflow! It took the traditional Chvishtari to another level altogether with a range of creative versions including heart shaped (our favourite as it reflects our love of Georgian food!). Well done to our talented guests! Every time we’ll make heart shaped Chvishtari in future, we’ll think of you! We hope you’ll do the same too!


Planning to stay at Envoy Hostel Tbilisi? Make sure to join us at our fun food events. Learn to create delicious dishes, make new friends and enjoy your evening in Tbilisi with the Envoy Crew. Of course you will also take home new recipes as a unique souvenir of your travels. So whenever you have “Georgia on your mind” you can recreate these flavours to celebrate the day and reminisce your travel memories!