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Bond greater than work

You may have noticed that our team members tend to be the friendliest you come across in our region. Wonder why? Here is the secret. All Envoy team members are selected not only with an intention to be part of a working team but also part of our Envoy Family. We truly feel connected with a bond greater than work.

“Next level” bond

This bond has gone to the ‘next level’ recently. And the fantastic news did not make us wait long. Our wonderful Grigor and Hranoush announced they are engaged to be married!  

Envoy family wishes

May God bless you two abundantly, feel with His everlasting love and joy. Let your bond become stronger and stronger!

We hope that everyone at Envoy will be as engaged at work as you are 🙂

Here’s some images from our envoy engagement party celebrations for them. Oh, look at these shiny eyes!