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Ballet Around the World!

Good ballet good vibes

A group of young ballet dancers brought Mr. Steven Spence back to Cambodia after 2 years of his first visit.

The initiator of “Ballet around the World” project who has visited overall 25 countries and 35 cities, is back in beautiful city of Phnom Penh. He returned to enjoy the progress of young dancers and photograph them again. Luckily, his trip was a success. At his visit he was happy to find out that the group was getting more popular.  

Ballet as an inspiration 

It all started  in Panama in December 2015, where some ballet dancers inspired him greatly. After that Mr. Spencer decided to travel around the world and see how many dancers he could photograph on the streets of the cities which he visited. Having already traveled to Australia and Malaysia by that time, an outline of Cambodia struck his eyes on the map. Hence the next destination was chosen.

Envoy Hostel hosted Mr Spencer during his two trips to Phnom Penh. He mentions that his first stay at Envoy was charming. Team was very friendly and very helpful with everything. So when he decided to come this year he definitely knew where he was going to stay.

Future of “Ballet around the world” 

About his future plans Mr Spencer mentions visiting Europe, particularly United Kingdom, France and Portugal, finding dancers in the streets in the countries he visits and take pictures of them. He actively seeks dancing studios working with less fortunate children, to give them opportunity, encouragement and hope for the future. He always connects with national ballet schools as they know where the less fortunate are. 

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