Lifting spirits of refugees

What Charity We Do

Since our begining and as part of our Mission and Values, envoy has had a heart to give back to community and do charity work. Over the years, we are thankful to be in position to help our communities in the following ways:

  • Creating employment with fair conditions in the villages through our tour services 
  • Sponsoring families in need and building a relationship with them
  • Renovating and building homes for families in need
  • Supporting orphanges (in Georgia and Armenia)

In 2020 with the outbreak of war on the border to  Armenia, envoy immediately started to help those in need by:

  • Housing refugees, mostly women and children who fled the war zone
  • Helping refugees with essential needs including food and clothing
  • Bringing smiles to the war affected children by surprising them with gifts for New Year
  • Helping refugees who could no longer return to their villages find employment or start mini businesses
  • Maintaining contact with the families we looked after, who had returned to their homes to ensure they were doing well

Envoy has co-ordinated and project managed this work. Many of our personal networks have provided help. This includes our past guests, friends and family spread across the world. All have generously supported our initiatves, donating much needed funds. 100% of all collected donations go to our projects. Envoy takes no commission in any form. Our desire is to help build a better future for the generations to come.

Our charity efforts gained recognition in the 2021 Hostelworld awards. Envoy hostel Yerevan won the International Hoscar award for “Community and Social Impact”.  We feel encouraged and very thankful for receiving this award.

Support Our Mission

As a hostel we offer a home away from home for all our travellers. As an organisation we are also committed to continuing our charity work to focus on providing suitable homes for families in need.

We invite you to join our mission and help build a better future together for those who are in need.

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