Be Green with Envoy

be green

Environmental issues are an emerging issue in the countries we operate in and are not common focus for all. However Envoy strives to be environmentally friendly and consciously makes decisions to reduce our environmental footprint where possible and to help preserve our precious natural resources.

We might be small at Envoy but we would like to help lead the way for a better environment, a better world for all.

Some of the initiatives we have undertaken include:

  • Switching our central heating in Yerevan from diesel to natural gas
  • Heating/ cooling of rooms with localised control to manage energy use
  • Personal lights at each bed fitted with energy saving lamps
  • Switching incandescent lamps to energy saving lamps where possible
  • Rewired switching to allow better control of lights in common areas
Water Use
  • Flow restrictors fitted on every tap and shower head
  • Toilets have water control flushing system allowing user to limit water use
Awareness Campaign
  • Be Green with Envoy signage has been placed around strategic positions of the hostel to raise awareness and remind guests, visitors and staff alike to conserve our precious resources
  • Earth Hour – Envoy has participated annually since 2010 and encouraged friends of Envoy to join this initiative
Paper Recycling
  • Recycling is uncommon in the countries we operate in, however we take great care to recycle where possible. For example paper recycling in Phnom Penh.
  • Even some of our artwork around the hostel has been made using recycled material. things found in the streets or from items that would be otherwise be discarded. We like to think a bit outside the box and Reduce, Reuse and Recycle  where ever possible and practical.


Explore the region from a clean, comfortable and affordable base