About Us

We offer European standard professional hostels in our regions. Every detail is purposely designed to provide comfort and convenience to our guests, creating a home away from home. We thrive on giving customer care to our guests as well as giving back to the community.


Established since 2005, we have been fortunate to present and participate in many International conferences:

  • Gomio 2008 – Barcelona, Spain: Envoy presented “The difficulties encountered by Regional Hostels in the Face of Bad Publicity”
  • Gomio 2009 – Dresden, Germany: Envoy presented “Create an ambiance – differentiate yourself”
  • Hostelworld 2010 – Dublin, Ireland: Conference participant
  • Hostelworld 2011 – London, UK: Conference participant
  • Hostelworld 2012 – Dublin, Ireland: Conference participant
  • Gomio 2012 – Jerusalem, Israel: Conference participant
  • Hostelworld 2013 – Dublin, Ireland: Conference participant
  • Hostelworld 2014 – Dublin, Ireland: Conference participant
  • Hostelworld 2015 – Dublin, Ireland: Conference participant
  • Hostelworld 2016 – Dublin, Ireland: Showcase presenter & Conference participant
  • HostelSkills 2016 – Barcelona, Spain: Conference participant
  • Hostelworld APAC 2016 – Phuket, Thailand: Conference participant
  • Hostelworld 2017 – Dublin, Ireland: Conference participant
  • Hostelworld APAC 2018 – Hanoi, Vietnam: Conference participant
  • HostelManagement Unconference 2018 – Tbilisi, Georgia: Co-Host (with Fabrika Hostel)

Envoy Hostel has had the privilege of receiving the following recognition:

Envoy Hostel Yerevan

Envoy Hostel Tbilisi

Envoy Hostel Phnom Penh

Giving Back To The Community

We have strong Christian ethics which our business is built upon. This also serves as a foundation to do good for our community and help others. Envoy practices good Corporate Social Responsibility demonstrated by our actions:

Explore the region from a clean, comfortable and affordable base