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September 2023 | We are calling on the urgent help of all our friends across the world to help in this time of need. Armenians living in Artsakh have been forcibly and suddenly removed from their lands, having to leave behind their homes, livelihood and many have sadly lost their loved ones in violent attacks on innocent people.  We are gathering funds to help house, feed and clothe as many families as we can, helping them adjust and give them hope of a new start in life as they settle into new lands as refugees. Envoy Hostel since its establishment in 2005, has always helped give back to the local community. We have:

  • Supported charity organisations like Mission Armenia and ACM
  • Sponsored families in need
  • Created employment opportunities in the regions
  • Built and renovated houses for less fortunate families as per examples below:
  • Housed refugees in the 2020 war for a period of 6 months and looked after all their needs (Artsakh Refugees at Envoy)
  • Reached out to families fleeing the war and provided them with essential needs
Together we can make a difference!


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The experience of taking in refugees.

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The experience of taking in refugees.

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