Envoy Hostel since its establishment in 2005, has helped give back to the local community. It has:
* Sponsored families in need
* Created employment opportunities in the regions
* Built and renovated houses for less fortunate families
* Housed refugees in the 2020 war for a period of 6 months
* Reached out to families fleeing the war and provided them with essential needs
Funds being raised now are to help build permanent housing for 3 families effected by the 2020 war and covid.
* Astghik from Khorunk village, along with 5 other family members live in appalling conditions (video: Stories Untold #1)
* A family of 5 fleeing the 2020 war are currently living in Arzni village with 13 people in a small 3 bedroom apartment in cramped conditions (video: Stories Untold#2)
* Alvard and her son are barely making ends meet. The poor condition of their house exacerbating Alvard’s health issues making her unable to work. (video: Stories Untold#3)
Your donations will help us build proper housing and vastly improve their living conditions. 100% of funds collected will be used for these projects.
Together we can make a difference!


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