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Finding Families in Need

Volunteers entertaining refugees

Finding Families in need

There are many families in need in our region. Life is not easy and many can have genuine needs. Our first step in starting a project is to identify which family is more need than others. This is done in cooperation with other charity organisations we trust who have databases of families in real need. Once a few families are identified, envoy team members go and visit these families, one by one. We get to know them and form a relationship with them so we can understand their needs in more detail and know how best to help.

Help with Diginity

Help needs to be wanted. As we chose a family to help and build a relationship with them, we get to know them better. We understand their needs. We also understand their skills and capabilities. We discuss with them what help they may want and make sure we are able to provide appropriate help. If we are not able to help in an appropriate way, we wont take on the project. Both the family and us need to be committed and ready to start the project.

Envoy’s Next Project

We are currently visiting families to be able to select the next project. To be able to fund the next project we will soon be organising a fundraising event. We are hoping to start the next project in July 2021. We hope you will be able to support us in our next project. To do so please donate, knowing that 100% of funds raised go to the project.