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Wishes Come True #2

Wishes of Children from Artsakh

Christmas is the season of joy and gift-giving. For many children from Artsakh Christmas 2020 was a challenging period. The war that broke out in September 2020 changed the plans of thousands of families. Many left their homes and said goodbye to everything they had, including their hope for a better future. Many of the children had wishes and dreams they thought would never come true. We wanted to make sure that the kids kept believing in the miracles of Christmas and that they were not forgotten. 

Action to Help Out

We cooperated with various individuals and organizations. They directed us to families that fled from Artsakh and found temporary shelter in Armenia. Our main focus was to help those families that lived in villages and had less access to resources and support than those living in Yerevan. The Bulghadaryan family were one of the families selected for us to visit.

Christmas Gifts for Kids  

When the fighting intensified, Sargis Bulghadaryan decided to move his wife Anna and their 7 children from the village of Talish in Artsakh to Armenia. Sargis then returned to Artsakh to fight in the war. A doctor was kind enough to shelter the family in his summer house in the village of Nor Geghi. During one of our visits when Envoy took food products for the family, one of the children mentioned that Christmas would be very different this year, and Santa would probably not visit Armenia because he might be scared of the war.  We made sure that the kids wrote a letter to Santa  with all their wishes and passed it on. Luckily Santa managed to send us the gifts in time for us to get them to the children for Christmas. In addition, the presents not only pleasantly surprised them but also restored their hope in the importance of the season. 

Big Thank you to Donors

Christmas is the time of giving and sharing. All of this has been possible thanks to the support of our many friends who have generously donated funds to Envoy. Your kindness and compassion go a long way. Thank you for enabling us to reach out to those in need and helping their wishes come true.

Wishes do come true