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Extending Help

Visiting the family of 9 in Meghratzor

Extending Help beyond Envoy

Thousands of families left their homes in Artsakh because of the recent war and found temporary homes in villages in Armenia. Some people have provided their vacant houses to complete strangers who also need help for food and other basic items. Envoy has been extending help to a few families in villages close to Yerevan and we have delivered food and hygiene items to them several times. The support for these families will be continuous as they are in real need and some even struggle with health issues.

Families that Envoy Currently Supports

Besides opening our doors to those who lost homes, Envoy has also reached out to families not staying with us. We have shown help to a few families temporarily residing in villages close to Yerevan.  Throughout the winter months, we have helped several families with first necessity products and helped them cover utility fees. From buying Christmas gifts for Bulghadaryan family kids in Nor Geghi to getting food items for Sahakyan family in Kanaker, we are trying to reach out to as many as we can.

From War to Dire Straits

Among all the families we are helping, the Yedigaryan family of 11 ( 2 adults and 9 kids) are the most needy. They are deprived of basic living conditions. The whole family shares a rickety house with only one room in Meghradzor village. Anahit, the mother of the family, currently battles breast cancer and may undergo surgery. Envoy will be helping her cover the medical expenses. Our team members have provided them with a washing machine so as to ease their daily household work. We also bought an oven for them so they can bake their own daily bread. Our team is constantly in touch with the family and we deliver food items in bulk as needed. The family wants to move back to Artsakh but it will depend on Anahit’s health condition. We will keep supporting them until they are back on their feet.

Big Thank You to Donors

All of this has been possible thanks to the support of our many friends who have generously donated funds to Envoy. Your kindness and compassion go a long way.