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Christmas 2020

Santa visits Gohar for Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 with Envoy

2020 was a tough year for Armenians, especially for those living in Artsakh. Due to the war, many lost their homes and fled to Armenia. Many families found shelter around Yerevan and in different regions of Armenia. We wanted to reach out to them, meet the children and make their Christmas wishes come true. And so that’s exactly what we did!

Become a Santa 

Finding the initiative called Դարձիր ձմեռ պապ (Become a Santa) was fantastic. By contacting the organizers, we received a list of refugee children from Artsakh who had written to Santa. After selecting the letter to respond to, we found out the destination where our Santa sleigh would be travelling to. Little Gohar was waiting for us in Haykadzor village which is 2 hours drive away from Yerevan. Excited to bring Christmas joy to her and her family, we happily started our journey.

Gifting a desk to the future bank manager

In Haykadzor, we met 8 year old Gohar and her family. They left their village’ Vurgavan in the Kashatagh region the day after the war broke out. Gohar and her 2 siblings, 7 year old Manvel and 4 year old Daniel, were extremely excited to see us. They were telling us about their new school in Haykadzor in Armenia and how much they wanted to go back to their village in Artsakh. Their mother, Meline, was very nostalgic, showing us the pictures of their house, friends, and school back in Vurgavan. Now living in their relatives’ old house, in the small village of Haykadzor, they were trying to restart their lives with the hope for a better future.  

Gohar loves studying and dreams of becoming a bank manager one day. She asked Santa to have her own desk at home to be able to do homework and perform well at school.

All of us at Envoy hope and pray that Gohar’s dreams of becoming a bank manager will come true.

Christmas 2020