Arrive By Airplane

Arrive By Airplane

Arriving in Yerevan airport, Zvartnots, there are several transport options to reach Envoy. 

1. By Airport Pick Up
Arrivals at any time in the day 24 hours a day 365 days of the year!

Trip Length: Approximately 25 minutes
Difficulty Rating: Easy – everything is pre arranged so nothing to do but to spot the Envoy Logo sign and your name at the airport
Cost Rating: Medium: 7,500AMD (1-2ppl)/ 13,000AMD (3-5ppl)/ 15,000 (6-10ppl). Larger groups can be arranged too.
Experience Rating: Fantastic! Feel like a celebrity! You will be greeted at the airport by our driver holding a sign for YOU! All that is missing is the red carpet 🙂

Payment can be made to the hostel when you arrive. To book this service,  email us your flight details.

2. By Taxi
Trip Length:
Approximately 35 minutes (including time to find Taxi – they are normally plenty waiting
Difficulty Rating: Medium – as you need to agree price with Taxi driver
Cost Rating: Medium – about 3,000 – 5,000 AMD (approx $10-15 USD)
Experience Rating: Average – You will drive through the ‘Las Vegas’ of Yerevan – nothing to write home about 

As you exit the airport look for a marked Taxi with a company logo and has a meter. Best to agree on the fee before you accept the ride. To take a taxi from the airport to Envoy Hostel (at 54 Pushkin St, entrance via Parpetsi St), it will cost approximately 3,000 – 5,000 AMD (the variance depends on time of day eg: 2 pm vs 2 am arrival). 

3. By Bus

Minibus (Airport Express) is an option for arrivals (outside of the arrival terminal) departing every 30 minutes daily.

Trip Length:
Approximately 30 minutes 
Difficulty Rating: Medium. Note buses are available from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm departing every 30 minutes daily.
Cost Rating: Cheap! It’s only 300 AMD (approx $1USD) to catch the Minibus! But make sure you change money at the airport for this and try to get small change. 
Experience Rating: Unforgettable experience! You would have experienced public transport, tackled a bit of the language, tested your navigational skills and even seen some of the city has to offer that you might want to go back to!


Here’s a step by step guide:

  • Minibus No. 100 runs from the airport to the city center every 30 minutes.
  • To get to the Minibus station, walk outside of the arrival terminal towards the parking lot. You will see a sign for Airport Express.  Catch the No. 100 which will bring you straight to Mashtots- Pushkin bus stop – near KFC. 
  • Tell the driver “Mashtots – Pushkin “kangar” stop” (kangar meaning station) – so he knows to tell you when you get to the correct stop.
  • Pay the driver as you get off (currently 300AMD)
  • When you get off the bus cross the road to the opposite side of Mashtots Ave
  • Walk to Pushkin St and turn right into it (towards Parpetsi St)
  • Walk to the first cross road and turn right into Parpetsi Street – as soon as you turn you will see the Envoy Logo sign at the door
  • Good news you’ve reached home!

Download and print the Mini Bus instructions ready for your trip!

Minibus from Zvartnots Airport to Envoy Yerevan