Arrive By Train

Arrive By Train

Yerevan’s Sasuntsi Davit Train Station is approximately 30 minutes away from Envoy. Here’s how to reach us from the Train Station:

1. By Marshrutka
Trip Length:  Approx. 30 – 45 minutes including bus ride plus walking to the hostel
Difficulty Rating: Medium
Cost Rating: Low – its only 100 AMD (approx 30 cents) to catch the Marshrutka! But make sure you have correct change (Marshrutka drivers dont like giving change). If you have a lot of luggage they are likely to charge for the luggage space taken as additional fare (100AMD per piece of luggage).
Experience Rating: Unforgetable! Marshrutka’s are a fun way to travel around this part of the world – experience how the locals get around!

Here is a step by step guide:

  • Cross the road from the Sasuntsi Davit Train Station and wait for the marshrutka’s passing by
  • Catch a marshrutka (37, 44, or 58) wave for them to stop
  • Tell the driver “Mashtots – Pushkin kaian stop” (Kaian meaning station) – so he knows to point out the correct stop to you.
  • Pay the driver as you get off (currently 100 AMD)
  • When you get off the marshrutka cross the road to the opposite side of Mashtots Ave
  • Walk to Pushkin St and turn right into it (towards Parpetsi St)
  • Walk to the first cross road and turn right into Parpetsi Street – as soon as you turn you will see the Envoy Logo sign at the door
  • Good news you are at home !!

Download and print the marshrutka instructions ready for your trip!

Marshrutka from Sasuntsi Davit Train Station to Envoy

2. By Taxi
Trip Length:  Approx. 10 – 15 minutes
Difficulty Rating: Low
Cost Rating: Medium (approx 1,000 AMD)
Experience Rating: Eh – just another taxi ride 🙂 But if you are looking for comfort and a quick trip, this is your best option.

Cross the road opposite the Sasuntsi Davit Train Station, and flag down a passing Taxi. Make sure you ask the price of the ride before you accept to take the taxi.

3. By Metro
Trip Length:  Approx. 30 – 40 minutes
Difficulty Rating: High
Cost Rating: low (100 AMD)
Experience Rating: Metro is very retro! Enjoy this blast from the past, Soviet era ride!

Here’s a step by step guide:

  • Leave the train station building
  • Find the metro sign and entrance
  • Upon entering the metro station buy a token for AMD 100 for 1 use
  • Wait for the wagon on the left side
  • Boarding at the Sasuntsi Davit metro station, get off at the third stop which is the Republic Square station
  • When leaving the Republic square station, turn left and take the stairs to go up
  • From Nalbandyan street walk up till Sakharov square
  • From the square turn left to Pushkin street and keep going straight
  • Cross Mashtots avenue (the main artery)
  • Next intersection will be Pushkin St with Parpetsi St – turn right and you will see the Envoy Hostel logo sign
  • Good news, you are home 🙂

Download and print the metro instructions ready for your trip!

Metro from Sasuntsi Davit Train Station to Envoy