Arrive By Bus

Arrive By Bus

There are 2 main bus stations in Tbilisi. Instructions to reach Envoy from both locations are provided below:

Ortachala Bus Station

1. By Taxi
Arrivals at any time of day.

 Trip Length:   Approx. 10 min
 Difficulty Rating:   Easy
 Cost Rating:  Low – approx 10 GEL
 Experience Rating:  Just another taxi ride 🙂

Once you catch a taxi, best to agree on the price before the trip. Please see the link below for detailed instruction (in English and Georgian) you can download and take with you.

2. By Minibus
This trip also involves a walk so if you have heavy luggage, best to take the taxi.


 Trip Length:  Approx. 20-30 min
 Difficulty Rating:  Medium – hard
 Cost Rating:  Cheap! 1 GEL!
 Experience Rating:  Memorable

Cross to the minibus stop located on the opposite side of the Ortachala bus station and catch minibus # 538. The ride will take 10 minutes. Ask the driver to drop you off at Europe Square and walk from there to the hostel. When you get off the minibus, please follow the map for the directions to get to our hostel (provided in the link further below). 

Didube Bus Station

1. By Taxi/Ride share
Arrivals at any time of day.

For Rideshare – use Yandex or Bolt services.

Trip Length:  Approx. 15 – 20 minutes
Difficulty Rating: Easy
Cost Rating: Low – will cost around 7 -10 GEL
Experience Rating: Just another taxi ride 🙂

Once you find a taxi, agree on the fee in advance. For detailed instructions on how to find the hostel, click on the link further below for information in English and Georgian. We suggest you download and take with you for ease of communication.

2. By Metro
Note there is a fair walk of at least 15-20 minutes involved with this option. So if you have heavy luggage best to catch a taxi.

 Trip Length:  Approx 30 minutes
 Difficulty Rating:  Medium – hard
 Cost Rating:  Cheap! 1 GEL
 Experience Rating:  Memorable

Travel on metro from Didube metro station to Avlabari metro station. From here walk down to Meidani (across the Mtkhvari River) and follow the instruction via the link provided below.

3. By Minibus
Arrivals at any time of day.

 Trip Length: Approx 30 – 40 minutes
 Difficulty Rating:  Medium – hard
 Cost Rating:  Cheap! 1 GEL
 Experience Rating:  Memorable

Cross the Didube Station to the minibus station across the street. Catch the #538 minibus getting off at Meidani. From here, follow the instructions given in the link below. We suggest you download and take it with you.

Please download these instructions on how to find Envoy from Meidani provided in both English and Georgian for your convenience.