Arrive By Train

Arrive By Train

Arriving to Tbilisi on train you have 2 main options on how to reach Envoy Tbilisi from there:

1. By Marshrutka
Local public transport mini buses.

Trip Length:  Approx. 30 – 40 minutes including bus ride plus walking to the hostel
Difficulty Rating: Medium
Cost Rating: Low – its only 80 tetri!
Experience Rating: Unforgetable! Marshrutka’s are a fun way to travel around this part of the world – expeience how the locals get around!
  • Bus route 94 or 118 will get you to the hostel (Bus fare is 80 Tetri) – ask the bus driver to let you know to get off when you reach Meidani (official name is Gorgasali Meidani but locals know it simply as Meidani).
  • Once at Meidani, locate the wine shop “Chateau Mukhrani”, walk to the street behind it (Samgebro St)
  • The Armenian St George Cathedral will be on your right hand side, walk past till you reach the next street
  • Turn right in to the steep street that leads up to the Narikala fortress which is named Orbiri St
  • At the junction of Orbiri and Betlemi streets, you will see Envoy Hostel Tbilisi on your right hand side
  • You’ve reached home 🙂
  • Please download these instructions for the walking route to the hostel from Meidani.

2. By Taxi

Trip Length:  Approx. 15 – 20 minutes
Difficulty Rating: Medium
Cost Rating: Low – will cost around 5 -10 GEL
Experience Rating: Just another taxi ride 🙂

Here’s a step by step guide of how to locate the hostel once you reach the main square in the Old Town area known as ‘Meidani’ (offical name is ‘Gorgasali Meidani’). The instructions are provided in English and Georgian so you can easily communicate with the Taxi driver on how to find us. We suggest to download and take with you 🙂

Please download these instructions.