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Georgian history lesson to provide a richer understanding

Georgian history lesson

Here’s a quick snapshot of Georgian history lesson as a form of introduction and orientation.  

Don’t worry, we wont test you on it 🙂 Its just to help provide a richer understanding while travelling through our region. So…

  • Roots of Georgians can be traced to the descendants of Noah (with the Ark landing on Mt Ararat)
  • Soon began to produce wine in this land with rich soil. Hence why Georgian wine is so good 😉
  • Georgian Kingdom of Iberia was established around 300 BC
  • Old Georgian was spoken and around 284 BC the alphabet was created
  • Christianity was declared as official religion in the 4th century
  • Many trials are experienced by the attacks of Persian, Turks and Arabs over centuries
  • King Bagrat 3rd establishes the Kingdom of Georgia
  • 15th century Georgia divided itself to 3 kingdoms (Kartli, Kakheti and Imereti)
  • In 1783 Georgians sign a treaty with Russia to be under their protection
  • 26th May 1918 Democratic Republic of Georgia is established
  • 25th Feb 1921 Georgia becomes part of the Soviet Union
  • 9th April 1991 Georgia declares independence from Soviet Union
  • 8th August 2008 war breaks out between Russia and Georgia
  • March 15 2012 Envoy Tbilisi is born
  • (significant history for us which is celebrated fondly each year 😉 )