About Georgia

About Georgia


About Georgia

Terrific Tbilisi View

Terrific Tbilisi view

An amazing rooftop terrace with a terrific Tbilisi view offers a new level of comfort. And this is where Envoy guests love to chill after their full day of sightseeing, lapping up the beauty of the Georgian countryside, sampling delicious Georgian food & wine.

Envoy’s terrace is positioned in the heart of the old town area. It offers panoramic views of the city below and boasts the commanding Narikala fortress above it. This is the ideal place to hang out in the evenings, a cold ‘Natakhtari’ beer or ‘Saperavi’ wine in hand, appreciating the terrific views of Tbilisi. You can watch the cable cars go past above your head. Often you see fireworks at night celebrating special events.  And did we mention the amazing sunrise and sunsets? Make sure to have your camera ready for that perfect instagram shot to make all your friends inspired by your travels!

Terrific Tbilisi View, terrific experience!

We have added custom designed furniture to our terrace. Cleverly designed and crafted with a balance of creativity and practicality. Masterfully created by our very own talented team members. So now you can now enjoy stretching out on our day bed, watching the city from our ‘bar’ table or chatting to some new friends you’ve made. And this is what makes our guests enjoy about envoy most of all. New friends! Come and enjoy this view with us 😉 

About Georgia

Holidays & Festivals in Georgia

Plan your trip around the holidays and festivals to make most of your travel time,

The following is a list of all significant dates noted in Georgia:

Date  Celebration  Detail
Jan 1 & 2 New Year Celebrations commence from Eve of 31st December
Jan 7 Christmas As celebrated by the Georgian Orthodox Church
Jan 19 Epiphany Baptism of the Lord Jesus as marked by the Georgian Orthodox Church
Mar 3 Mother’s Day Remember to always call your Mum even while you are travelling!
Mar 8 International Women’s Day Mother’s get double attention this week in March 🙂
Apr Easter The Orthodox Easter is typically celebrated a week after Easter celebrated by other churches. The date varies yearly.
Apr 9 Day of National Unity Commemoration of the April 9 tragedy 1989 (also known as Tbilisi Massacre, Tbilisi tragedy) when on Rustaveli Avenue, in Tbilisi an anti-Soviet demonstration was dispersed by the Soviet Army, resulting in 20 deaths and hundreds of injuries.
May 9 Victory Day Remembrance of war hero’s
May 12 St Andrea Day Celebration of day of Apostle Andrew the ‘first-called’, founder of Georgian Orthodox Church
May 26 Independence Day On May 26, 1918 National Council of Georgia declared national independence of Georgian people and creation of Democratic Republic of Georgia. The statehood of Georgia was restored after 117 years (from 1801)
Aug 28 St Mary’s Day Day of Assumption of Mary observed
Oct Tblisoba Celebrations for the city of Tbilisi falls in October. Date is announced usually very close to the date. The city comes alive with a celebration of the Georgian culture.
Oct 14 Svetitskhovloba Day of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (in Mtskheta)(Celebration of first Christian church in Georgia. According to chronicles, holy chyton (shirt) of Savior is buried under this church)
Nov 23 Saint George’s Day Saint George (in Georgian: წმინდაგიორგი, ‘’tsminda giorgi’’) is a patron saint of Georgia

About Georgia

Georgian history lesson to provide a richer understanding

Georgian history lesson

Here’s a quick snapshot of Georgian history lesson as a form of introduction and orientation.  

Don’t worry, we wont test you on it 🙂 Its just to help provide a richer understanding while travelling through our region. So…

  • Roots of Georgians can be traced to the descendants of Noah (with the Ark landing on Mt Ararat)
  • Soon began to produce wine in this land with rich soil. Hence why Georgian wine is so good 😉
  • Georgian Kingdom of Iberia was established around 300 BC
  • Old Georgian was spoken and around 284 BC the alphabet was created
  • Christianity was declared as official religion in the 4th century
  • Many trials are experienced by the attacks of Persian, Turks and Arabs over centuries
  • King Bagrat 3rd establishes the Kingdom of Georgia
  • 15th century Georgia divided itself to 3 kingdoms (Kartli, Kakheti and Imereti)
  • In 1783 Georgians sign a treaty with Russia to be under their protection
  • 26th May 1918 Democratic Republic of Georgia is established
  • 25th Feb 1921 Georgia becomes part of the Soviet Union
  • 9th April 1991 Georgia declares independence from Soviet Union
  • 8th August 2008 war breaks out between Russia and Georgia
  • March 15 2012 Envoy Tbilisi is born
  • (significant history for us which is celebrated fondly each year 😉 )

About Georgia

General Facts

So what currency is used in Georgia? Whats the population? Here’s a few main facts giving you a little background on Georgia.

Official Name: Georgia (in Georgian it is referred to as Sakartvelo)
Language: Georgian
National Flag:
Currency: Georgian Lari (GEL)
Head of State: President
Area: 69,700 sq km
Capital: Tbilisi
Population: approximately 5 million
States/Province: 12 (9 Regions, 2 autonomous republics plus Tbilisi)


For more general information visit:  Georgia (Wiki)

About Georgia

Learn Georgian

An old and quite unique language, Georgian belongs to the family of Kartvelian language. Travelling through Georgia, you may also come across people speaking in Svan and Megrelian (North West of Georgia) and Laz (on the Black Sea Coast). There are also a wide range of dialects spoken.

The Georgian Alphabet is so unique, you’re bound to find yourself keeping a ticket or a label of something in your travel diary as a sample to wow your friends with when you get back home (Coke bottle labels are the best! 🙂 ).

So you are here for a few days and would like to give the language a go. Let us start by warning you that it is a constant rich language, so you need to add a dash of courage and give it a go. You’ll bring much joy to those who hear you try our language. Its fun and learning a few words is the best souvenir to take home!

Basic Conversation

English Georgian
Hello Gamarjoba
How are you? Rogor khahrt?
Thank you Madlobt
Please Tu sheidzleba
Yes Deeakh
No Ara
What is the time? Romeli saatia?
How much is this? Ra ghirs?
What is your name? Ra gk’via?
Where is…? Sad aris…?
Good morning Dila mshvidobisa
Good night Dzili nebisa

Of Interest to Tourists

English Georgian
Bank Bankee
Currency Exchange Valootees
Pharmacy Saapteeako
Grocery Store Sasoorsato maghazia
Shop Maghazia
Hospital Saavadmqoposhee
Doctor Ekeemee
Market Bazarze
Toilet Tualetis
City Center Kalakees tsentrshee
Closed Dakhooroolia
Open Gakhsna
Church Eklesia
Castle Tseekhe
Lake Tba
Camera Kamera


1 Ertee
2 Oree
3 Samee
4 Otkhee
5 Khootee
6 Ekvsee
7 Shveedee
8 Rva
9 Tskhra
10 Atee
20 Otsee
30 Otsdaatee
40 Ormotsee
50 Ormotsdaatee
60 Samotsee
70 Samotsdaatee
80 Otkhmotsee
90 Otkhmotsdaatee
100 Asee
1,000 Atasee
2,000 Oriatasee
100,000 Asee atasee
1,000,000 Meeleeonee

Days of the Week

English Georgian
Monday Orshabatee
Tuesday Samshabatee
Wednesday Otkhshabat
Thursday Khootshabatee
Friday Paraskevee
Saturday Shabatee
Sunday Kveera