About Armenia

Learn Armenian

Armenian is an old and unique language. With 39 letters in the alphabet it is a very rich language. Originally invented by Mesrop Mashtots back in the 5th century (known as the Golden Century for this same purpose), it was not only intended as an alphabet for language use, but cleverly also a numerical system as well as a prayer!

Ok, so the language is not the easiest but to help our guests travel around Armenia with a bit more confidence we have a very short selection of phrases to help. 

Note that in Yerevan you will find most people can speak English (and sometimes other languages). Outside of Yerevan apart from Armenian, Russian is also acceptable. If you know Russian, even if its only a few words – use it! Even some of the common everyday words, the Russian is more commonly used rather than the pure Armenian word. Even some French and even Farsi words are used in conversation as well. So be brave and throw them into conversation it might help.

Basic Conversation

English  Armenian
 Hello  Barev
 How are you?  Vonts es?
 Thank you  Shnorhakal (often “merci” is acceptable)
 Please  Khndrem
 Yes  Ayo (colloquially “ha”)
 No  Voch (colloquially “che”)
 What is the time?  Djame kanisen eh?
 How much is this?  Es inch arje?
 What is your name?  Anooned inch eh?
 Where is?  Oor eh?
 Good Morning  Bari looys
 Good Night  Bari Gisher

Of Interest to Tourists:

 English  Armenian
 Bank  Baank
 Currency Exchange  Drami phokhanakoom
 Pharmacy  Apteka (Russian) or deghatoon
 Grocery Store  Mterayin
 Shop  Khanoot
 Bus Station  Avtokayan 
 Train Station  kayaran 
 Bus  Avtoboos 
 Hospital  Hivandanotz
 Doctor  Bjishk
 Market  Bazar or shuka
 Toilet  Zugaran
 City Centre  Kentron
 Closed  Pak
 Open  Batz
 Church  Yekeghetsi
 Castle  Berd
 Lake  Lij
 Camera  Aparat (Russian word)


 English  Armenian
 1  Mek
 2  Yerku
 3  Yerek
 4  Chors
 5  Hing
 6  Vetz
 7  Yot
 8  Oot
 9  Ine
 10  Tas
 20  Ksan
 30  Yeresoon
 40  Karasoon
 50  Hisoon
 60  Vatsoon
 70  Yotanasoon
 80  Ootsoon
 90  Inesoon
 100  Haryur
 1000  Hazar
 2000  Yerku hazar
 100,000  Haryur Hazar
 1,000,000  Mek Milyon

Days of the Week

 English  Armenian
 Monday  Yerkushabti
 Tuesday  Yerekshabti
 Wednesday  Chorekshabti
 Thursday  Hingshabti
 Friday  Oorbat
 Saturday  Shabat
 Sunday  Kiraki