About Armenia

Holidays & Festivals in Armenia

Plan your trip around the holidays and national events to make your experience even richer.

The table below summarises all significant dates for Armenia.

 Date Celebration Details
 Dec.31, Jan. 1&2  New Year  Major National public holiday
 January 6  Soorb Tsnund (Christmas  equivalent)  As per the Armenian Apostolic  Church
 March 8  Women’s Day  All females get a mention!
 April 7  Mother’s & Beauty Day  What can we say females like the  attention!
 April 24  Genocide Memorial Day  Entire Day is  dedicated to paying  respect and  laying flowers at the  Genocide  memorial at  Tzitzernakaberd in  Yerevan.
 May 1  Labour Day  Public holiday across many  European countries
 May 9  Victory and Peace Day  Soviet era memorial for war veterans
 May 28  Restoration of Armenian  Statehood Day  Dating back to 1918
 July 5  Constitution Day  Public holiday
 A Sunday in    July(varies by  year)  Vardavar Festival  Fun, fun, fun! Don’t leave home  without your wet weather gear! It’s a  water splashing day. Everyone is  guaranteed to get wet! Great way to  cool down on a hot summers day 🙂
 September 21  Independence Day  Dating back to 1991
 December 7  Earthquake Victims  Memorial Day  Dating back to 1988